Where Did Summer Go?

As I write this post its about 70 degrees and raining here in good old Pennsylvania.  I do have to say we have needed the rain for awhile now.  Its been a pretty dry summer.

I don’t know about you but I am a warm summer person.  I love being outside getting a tan and swimming.  I don’t even mind mowing our 3 acres of land.  I just enjoy being outside.

This year being outside has been a bit rough on me since my heart attack and stroke.  I found that I can’t weed eat the lawn like I used to.  I realized today that I need to get someone in to do that for me.  I am hoping that next year I will have built myself up enough to do it without help.

Summer being my favorite but I didn’t hate winter.  I just am not liking the cold the older I get.  Last year we did not have hardly any snow which would be a record around here.  The only real significant snow which was a few inches was on January 7 when I had my open heart surgery.

Spring is another part of the season I do like as long as the temps are warm.  I guess you get it by now I like warm.  🙂

Well let me know in the comments what your favorite season is.  I do think I could get to learn to love the south.  I see why a lot of people retire down there.




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