Facebook’s New Design

Have you logged on to Facebook and were told you cannot use the old version since it will be discontinued in September?  Well tonight that is what happened to me.

I could still back out and go to the previous version but figured I might as well start using Facebook’s new design because frankly I have no choice.

For some reason to me it just looks like they are trying to put to much on the page.  Its like too jumbled and makes me go ugh and yuck.

I appreciate them trying to make changes for the better but is this for the better?  I have seen many posts from friends not liking Facebook’s new design and I really can’t blame them.

Like any change eventually I and most will get used to it but I don’t see why big Mark Zuckenberg just can’t leave well enough alone or just allow us to use what design we want.

Anyway what do you think of the new design?  Let me know down in the comment.




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