Creating WordPress Website

I have not created a website for over 2 years.  My how things change.  I used to be pretty good at it and then I find this new WordPress and all things are so different.  The cool thing is.  I will figure it out and if its not SEO optimized or really cool looking that is OK.  This is for me and creating posts that I want to put out there with no expectations at all.

I remember writing posts and making sure I had 3 photos and keywords optimized and I am sure more stuff that I don’t even remember.  But that is no longer my purpose.  Its to post content.  Any content. What ever I feel like writing about.

I am sure once I start again it will all come back to me.  Especially when I post about my health issues and wanting to help give hope that if I can survive then you can too.  

So how about those Yankees?  Yes I live in PA but I am a die hard Yankee, Rangers Hockey, and Giant Football fan..

Until next time,


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