Welcome to my website. My name is Vince Mazzie.  I am older than I would like to admit and live in Pennsylvania with my wife Tracy and daughter Riley.

I have worked in data processing most of my life until about 12 years ago when I moved into the project management group.  I love working with my merchants and providing them the best care possible.

On September 13, 2019 my life changed.  I had a stroke and heart attack and was not expected to live.  I somehow made it through with the support of family, friends, and tons of prayers.

On January 7, 2020 I had open heart surgery.  They did 4 by passes.  I went back to work 3 months later.

I decided to start a blog to pretty much write about anything and everything.  When I was having all my health issues I could not find much in regards of personal experiences so I decided to start to write about mine.

I figure it won’t take long for me to do that so I will also write about anything the tickles my fancy.  I have no clue if anyone will find my posts and even read them but if someone does I hope that they get value out of them.

I am not a professional writer so my grammar will stink but my spelling should be good.  Thank you spell check.  I basically just want to write about my life.  I think it will help me in some way like a diary. 🙂

So that is pretty much it.  Feel free to drop me a line to say hello.