Building And Changing Word Press Site

Working on my blog site.  Its been a challenge.  I like the theme but some of the things I wish it had was better directions. I have basically been adding and checking and adding and deleting and checking.

All in all its been fun.  I don’t know how appealing it will be.  I guess it will be a work in progress and eventually I will have it perfect. At least that is my plan.  

I think there is a lot I could do with HTML and such But I will keep playing.  It has been at least 2 years since I have worked with word press and it definitely has changed.  

Until the next time


Creating WordPress Website

I have not created a website for over 2 years.  My how things change.  I used to be pretty good at it and then I find this new WordPress and all things are so different.  The cool thing is.  I will figure it out and if its not SEO optimized or really cool looking that is OK.  This is for me and creating posts that I want to put out there with no expectations at all.

I remember writing posts and making sure I had 3 photos and keywords optimized and I am sure more stuff that I don’t even remember.  But that is no longer my purpose.  Its to post content.  Any content. What ever I feel like writing about.

I am sure once I start again it will all come back to me.  Especially when I post about my health issues and wanting to help give hope that if I can survive then you can too.  

So how about those Yankees?  Yes I live in PA but I am a die hard Yankee, Rangers Hockey, and Giant Football fan..

Until next time,


Welcome To My Blog

Thanks for checking out my blog.  I am not a professional writer and just a normal person who wants to talk about lots of things.  My blog is a work in progress.  I will be talking about everything from my recent health issues to sports and all in between.

My hope is my content will help everyone and also hope to have any comments whether you agree or disagree.  I enjoy good healthy banter.

Well that is about all for now.  I am working on my website to make it look more presentable.  But I guess my content is worth more then looks.  LOL